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I decided to go ahead and go back a week early - Im calling tomorrow and going in -- I will report back with lab results -- all I know if that I feel like crud, I'm gaining weight and I'm tired -- I'm using the potty three times as much as I have before - My belly is huge (it looks like I am pregnant) I am taking dated photos with me since he did not know me just a few months ago when this stuff started. Also -- and you guys are really going to freak out - I cant see my original post now so I dont know if I told this...but I am allergic to hydrocodone and he wrote me a cough med made with Vicodin (I only found that out because I started a bad rash -- ) I was thinking....ummm...this might be a problem -- the paperwork asked 5 time for allergies and each time I wrote hydrocodone. Anyhow - I am printing her emails and I am going to show him and ask what gives. I'll be back with more info tomorrow -- I would think though, if I was hypo -- would he not call me and tell me on the phone? Would he not schedule an earlier appt? To be honest, I would be quite releived - at least I would know why I feel so darn bad. Thanks for your genuine concern and caring.