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I have had chronic lower back pain for 2 years. The past 2 weeks the pain has increased 10 fold. I went from taking vicodin to taking morphine and vicodin for break through pain.

Here is my report:

The vertebral bodies demonstrate signal intensity, height, and alignment, except for small limbus changes noted at the L1 and L2 levels which are normal variant. The intervertebral disc spaces are normal in signal intensity and height except T12 to L2, where there is mild decrease in disc height noted. The distal cord is normal in signal intensity, size, and course and ends at the T12-L1 level. No spinal mass is noted.

There is no evidence of abnormal T1 weighted hypointensity within the vertebral bodies to indicate metastatic disease.

L3-L4: There is small posterolateral disc bulge extending into both neural foramina causing minimal foraminal stenosis without obvious nerve root compression.

L4-L5 and L5-S1: There is no evidence of spinal foraminal stenosis, no disc herniation, or nerve root compression is present. Minimal degenerative changes are noted within the facet joints.

This unenhanced MRI of the lumber spine demonstrates posterolateral disc bulge at the L3-L4 level causing mild bilateral foraminal stenosis. No obvious significant spinal stenosis is evident. No nerve root compression is seen. No disc herniation is identified. There is no evidence of abnormal signal intensity within the vertebral bodies to indicate metastatic disease.

Any ideas? I haven't talked to my doctor yet but am curious what others think.


Hello again:

All of my pain is in my sacrum area. Sometimes it is right in the middle of my sacrum and other times it radiates out to my hips. I have constant hip pain and front thigh pain. I can't put pressure on my hips or thighs at night.

It seems like my MRI did not cover my sacral joint area. This is a question I will have to ask.

I've had epidural injections into my sacrum and my hips but since I have Lyme disease I can't have these anymore. I need pain relief. I was on vicodin, 1500mg about 4 times a day for 2.5 years. Just recently it stopped working and I've been switched to morphine. I take 30mg 3 x a day and use vicodin for breakthrough pain.

I am scheduled for Thursday with my family doctor but I want to see if they can get me in tomorrow. I hate waiting for results! :)

Thanks again and I will update you when I know something more.