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Hello everybody!

I have found these boards so helpful.

I am six months out from a fusion L5/S1. I've been back to work half days (5 1/2 hours) for three months. I work in a dental office, which can be strenuous and I get very fatigued in the afternoon. My back overall feels fine most of the time. I did, however, end up with nerve pain in my legs and my feet. I'm on Neurontin (HATE IT!) and I still take a Vicodin 7.5 or two every afternoon/night.

BTW: for those of you with the severe burning nerve pain in your feet, try wearing UGG boots. They have a sheepskin lining, and you wear them without socks. It feels SO GOOD!! I wear them every day.

ANYWAY... I just found out that I am flying to Beverly Hills this Wednesday. It's a two hour flight non stop from here. I won a contest regarding my profession, and it's a big deal. They are whisking me away to the Beverly Willshire and from there, it's a lot of media interviews, interviews with the judges, hair, makeup, screen tests, and cocktail parties. In other words, GO GO GO for three days. I am excited, and concerned.

SO...does anyone have any advice or tricks regarding making the flight more comfortable? How to stay awake when you are used to napping during the afternoon? I can't wear my beloved UGG boots, as these events are dressy. I'm trying to find comfortable, stylish flat shoes. Oxymoron?

Thanks in advance for your advice...Just reading all your stories has been helpful to me beyond measure!

StephM :)