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Hi there,
I went to my appointment yesterday only to find out it had been canceled on September 12! I was never notified. I insisted on seeing him because I needed a return to work slip outlining my limitations, etc and I needed to get valium for my upcoming MRI. The first words out of his mouth were "what are you doing here I can't do anything for you!" It got worse from there, I had to insist on the valium after having him say what does clausterphobia have to do with anything and what's so scary about an MRI. I have been given wrong information from him from the get go with him saying I could drive 3 days after the surgery and I could sit for as long as I wanted. He has been rude, disrespectful, and patronizing. He gives confusing messages regarding what's happening with me. So I filed a complaint against him. The person who took the complaint told me that my HMO does have an open MRI and she referred me to them. I also asked for a different spine surgeon. I'm so frustrated with the care that I've been given and I'm worried that because of the information I've been given that I've hurt my back which is why I'm having the pain and everything. He won't even give me any pain meds. Last night the pain was so bad that even a lodine and 2 vicodin didn't help (I have vicodin leftover from my surgery). I'm trying to get referred to the pain management clinic but that isn't happening. It's really scary to me to have this back stuff going on and to be getting such poor care. This board has saved me in that I've received good information and advice. Thank you all for that. Terri