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Hi Schragie! Long time no see gal! I posted to you, but the system was hanging up and it never showed or it would be here.

We have an anniversary coming up on the 18th! SIX MONTHS! WOW! In some ways it seems a long time, and in others.. a blink! How's your back pain, if any? I see you are having problems with legs and feet. Are you stretching out your nerves and hamstrings each day? Makes a big difference for me, and also wearing decent shoes. When I was wearing my flops.. my feet, ankles and legs would just kill me. I didnt think it would make that much of a difference, but it has. Nuts, cuz I like wearing flops! Good thing cold weather is coming eh? hahaha.

Well, for me, I am noticing small improvements each day. I am still on pain meds though. I average 1 10mg of vicodin daily and more when I overdo or therapy flares me up. I still have therapy twice a week. She says I am getting there, but am still not where I need to be for good spine stabilization. One of my biggest issues at work is of course, getting into bottom file drawers and being exhausted at the end of the day. Just don't have the stamina that I once did before the surgery. But I admit, it is better than just going back to work.

We are busy reading one of our homes for sale and it's been real hard doing work there and having the know how and itch to do things that I physically can not. Well, yesterday I did spend 3.5 hours on/off the floor laying tile around the toilet. I am so sore today and my right foot is a bit numb. But so far so good. I have all my hairs crossed I will won't hurt myself doing this stuff. I am taking it slow though.. I am takingit real easy today and will wait til probably saturday to continue tiling a bit more. Little by little is better than none!

Well, yak back when you can. Glad to see you post!! Take care. Tammy:wave: