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I came back here to personally THANK YOU for your kind words and support. I do NOT mind if you come to my thread and give some tough love though, lol. I am not the type of person that gets offended like that. so feel free if you see the need.
Now back to your thread, I read about the baby eating part of a pill. It touched a part of my soul. When I was very 1st prescribed vicodin (15mg a day back in '01) I was also given elavil and my 3yr old (again back in '01) accidentally found some and my other baby (18months) ate it. Imagine that, elavil to an 18month old. I had to go thru hell Tim.... I had to perform CPR on my own baby to keep her alive until the helicopter got there! She was flown into a hospital for children that was 30 minutes away and when I got there my whole family was there, the police, cps, and a chaplin. I thought she was gone. I cannot even begin to attempt to describe what i went through. CPS was off case within 24hrs because they knew and ruled it accidental. My 18m old spent 3 days in a coma on life support. I CRIED the entire 3 days, without stop with next to NO sleep, and when I did sleep, it was in a room for parents who had babies in NICU and the room was full of bunkbeds. I couldnt eat and I was a f****ng nervous wreck! I prayed to God that not to take my baby! And I thank him that he didn't! There is nothing worse than to hold your baby, who is attatched to dozens of wires, tubes and a machine that is breathing for her and to talk to her and no matter how much Mommy talked, she wouldnt wake up.
I called the newspaper before she woke up and had them do a story on this, how we can be so sensless as to how we keep our medicines and where. (NOT SAYING THIS TO OFFEND YOUR POST IN ANYWAY) I did this because it was MY fault that I didnt have my meds locked away with small children in the house. The reporter said, well now you know some people are going to judge you. I told her I DONT CARE! If it saves someone else or their child, then LET THEM TALK ABOUT ME! As long as it helps SOMEONE.
This is just my personal experience, not something I have talked about in a long time. I am glad I read your post and this was able to resurface for myself because I needed to be reminded of this. I need to remember what it was like to feel desperatly afraid (without words) of losing someone and think to myself, DO I WANT MY CHILDREN OR LOVED ONES TO SEE ME LAYING IN A BED CLINGING TO LIFE? Especially if I continue down the road I was on and because I didnt love myself enough to stop an addiction before it had the chance to end my life?