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I have a bloodclot and was wondering if its safe to take Vicodin while on Coumadin? ( bloodthinner)

my bloodclot was missed by 3 previous hospitals/Doctors and diognosed as "Cellulitis" (an infection) so they were giving me Vicodin for pain, and I still have some left over ( 325mg and 750mg),this was 3 months ago,now since its been now diognosed as being a bloodclot.(bloodclot found after the 4 attempt on a dopler)

I have random pain in my leg and foot and just needed to know if anyone knows if the 2 drugs are safe to take together?

I thank you for your time.
Before you take the medication please go to the addiction on here and read some of the posts. Not saying this to offend you (or anyone else) in ANY way, shape, form or fashion. But, PLEASE do it. There is alot of things that doctors do not tell you about Vicodin. I started seeing my doctor for back pain in APRIL of '06 after a dryer fell down a flight of stairs and I pulled several muscles trying to stop it. Well, needless to say, even for legitimate pain, I am now addicted to it. My doctor NEVER told me that even after a month of use, the brain will MAKE UP IMAGINARY PAIN so that the user keeps taking the medication. And withdrawls from this medication are worse than a METH habit. I found it a whole lot easier to get off speed (in my younger years) than to get off a pain killer! Remember, Vicodin is an opiate, sorta like heroin. I only say this because I care for people, even the people I do not know. I do NOT want to see ANYONE travel down this road that I am on. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts because the medicine has ruined my life. And all of this because I had legitimate pain that called for legitimate relief, but not for almost a year later to wish I was dead rather than to have to wake up everymorning NEEDING to take the medicine to avoid the w.d.

God Bless You.
If you have read the posts I mentioned after reading this, you might want to look into a strong over the counter medicine OR something like an anti-inflammatory pain medicine.
my mom has been on coumadin for 10 yrs. she had a aortic valve replacement surgury. my mom was gave vicodin for cellulitis in her foot. we told the doctor she was on coumadin so i am hoping it was o.k he gave her a prescription for 10 of them . she took about 6 the whole time. it hurt so bad. hope you get better soon.