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I understand your pain. I have had active chrons for 9 years. Here is the treatments I have been on in the past. Maybe something will help you.

1. Asacol /Colozoral

2. Heavy dosage of Prednizone. ( be careful with this one. Long term steriod use causes more problems then it solves, as I found out)

3. Immuran ( "slight" chance of pancreantitis (sp) I was a lucky one who got it)

4. Methotrexate ( nasty drug but induces most who can tolerate it into remission)

5. Remicade ( I could not tolerate this med either)

What I do now when I am starting a severe flare up is go on a liquid diet for 2-3 days. They have boost without the milk products in them that seem to work well. Another tactic is to up your fluid intake or go have an iv done with 2-3 bags. It seems to aleviate some of the discomfort.
You may also want to look into some kind of pain management. The best discription I Have for a chrons flare up is like being in labor for days. my doctors have put me on everything from percoset to vicodin to Bowel relaxer medications .

Fish oil seems to help along with a regular dose of probitoics. ( get them from a health food store and they should be refridgerated) Yogurt is a good source of them also if you prefer a more natural approch.

You also need to start looking at what foods make the symptoms worse. for me its anything with high fiber or any raw vegetables. Also very fatty foods can aggrivate symptoms. It seems that the diet changes for everyone with chrons.

On another note. Doctors have recently found a new gene that chrons patients have. They are optimistic that they can help find a cure with this new information. Actually treat the disease not just the symptoms.

I wish you luck in helping him through this process and I hope my information helped somewhat.