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Please help! I had gross hematuria about a month ago. I have gone through all the urology tests (urinalysis, CT Scan, Cystoscopy) and everything came back normal except my bladder had a few small red spots in it. They did a biopsy and it wasn't cancer. I believe they said it was just inflammed. They gave me Levaquin to take and some vicodin for the pain of the biopsy. I have also had abdominal pain behind the belly button for about 2 months now. I thought it may be some kind of infection. They have ruled out anything urological now but will be seeing my OB/GYN this week (hopefully tomorrow). I am wondering if any of you have had these problems before or if any of you might know what this thing is! They have ruled out any stones, cancer, etc. that has anything to do urologically. I am beginning to wonder if it's anything to do with the appendix. I'm having pain in my lower abdomen also, which may be due to the biopsies. I'm real weak too. Maybe from laying around now for about a week. I went to the ER in Houston Friday night and they did more blood work, which all came back normal, and an ultrasound and I heard that was normal too. I did have a nurse ask me if I've ever had a tubal pregnancy which I thought that was sort of wierd to ask. I was taking Celebrex for about 3 weeks before the gross hematuria. My doctor doubled the dose because I was having trouble with my elbows (tendinitis) and about a week later I started peeing blood and it continued for about 5 days. I stopped taking the Celebrex and also stopped my Crestor because my bones were hurting every time I got up to walk. I finally got the ER to test me for Rhabdomyolysis, which is a disorder of the muscles due to Crestor, and everything came back normal. I don't know if any of this is related or not. Please give me any advice. Thank you!