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I have been reading this board for a few months now and figured it was time for me to jump in. :) My story so far is : Nov 15, 2005 woke up and couldn't get out of bed from back pain. After a few hours I managed to get up but couln't stand up. Thought maybe I had over done it at work or maybe strained myself repairing from hurricane damage?! Anyway, I went to an urgent care type doctors office (didn't have a regular doc, was never sick). They said I had strained my back and gave me Robaxin & Percocet evey 6 hrs. It took me till Jan 2006 to get in to see a doctor since many had not resumed practice after Katrina. But I can say I found a great doc. He sent me to an OSS...then I had an MRI. Results - L4/L5 disc desiccation changes, large disc herniation, effacement of the thecal sac and mild hypertrophic changes of the facet joints. I had to leave my job because I could no longer lift. I thought I'd take off a few months, do what they told me and by fall/winter I'd go back to work. (Boy was I wrong) During the 2006 summer I had 3 ESI that didn't help at all. Doc gave me pain meds - Soma, Skelaxin, Vicodin & Ultracet. I alternate between them depending on level of pain. Well, Oct 2006 I woke in the middle of the night with pain in the left side of my head that extended to my left arm. ER couln't find anything on CT or any other test they did. Went to primary doc & he ordered cervical MRI. Results - C4/C5 disc herniation; C5/C6 foraminal stenosis, spondylosis, spurs; C6/C7 disc herniation, foraminal stenosis, spondylosis, spurs. :dizzy: Was prescribed Fiorecet every 6 hrs when my head hurts & nothing else will help. I'm now in PT and waiting on the results of a new Lumbar MRI. OSS said if PT doesn't help then we will discuss surgery for the L4/L5. OSS said we have to try everything before uhc will approve surgery. Sorry this is so long, but wanted my new buddies to know everything I can think of! I feel you all are a great group that I can talk to that will undrstand. No one around me understands the pain.