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Oh my....were you awake during your surgery! I better be knocked out completly. How is your pain? Are you on any pain medications? Any advice for me, my surgery is next Monday.......very anxious

Declansmom, I was aware but very in & out during my surgery. The anesthesiologist talked with me close up a few times, but I couldn't hear conversation in the room. I was prone jacknife & covered. First he fixed the sphincter, then went up further & fixed the rectocele. The dr will have a preference as to anesthesia and if you want to be knocked out, go for it!!! I couldn't move anything from the chest down for 4 hrs, whereas coming out of general anes. is quicker.

I have vicodin for pain but don't need it often. Guess I'm just lucky so far. My pain is only when I sit. When I try to urinate or have a BM, then I feel lots of presure throughout my pelvis as if there's a bowling ball in there. I expect this is temporary,

As for advice, just know that you'll get thru it OK! Drink lots of fluids. I was on no food for 3 days, just IV... then liquid diet one day, then hi fiber foods. What surgery are you having... just sphincter?

[QUOTE=DeCav12;2993561]Hello, I posted a while back but haven't done so in a while.
I just had my surgery on Thursday, May 18. I had a 4th degree tear and suffered from incontincence. The pain is not bad right now. I am taking Vicodin. I haven't had my 1st bm though I have taken stool softeners. I'm afraid of having my 1st bm. I only stayed overnight and was released the next morning. I hoping the surgery was worth it. I hate to go through that again. I don't react well to anesthesia. I feel the urge to pass gas but I really can't. I don't know how to explain it. I think i may be too tight in that area. I am snacking on prunes right now hoping to have my 1st bm soon so I don't get constipated and strain myself.

I had a spchintertoplasty done. They told me it was an outpatient procedure and probably would not have to stay overnight but I was nauseous from the anesthesia afterwards that they kept me in the hospital. I had a 4th degree tear. The surgeon told me the repair went well and I was probably going to be 80% or better in that area afterwards. It surprised me when they told me that it was an outpatient procedure but he is a specialist in that area. As for the diet, they did not put me on any specific type. JUst told me to take it slow, it soft, high fiber foods and take stool softener daily. I'm not in a lot of pain surprisingly. I was in a lot more pain when I gave birth and had the 4th degree tear. I actually didnt' take my vicodin dose and took 400 mg of ibuprofen instead and that seems to do the trick. I'm sure I will feel some pain and take the vicodin in a while. I did have my 1st bm and I'm quite disappointed because its kind of loose but not quite like diarahhea. I didn't have any pain though. As soon as I felt the urge , I had to rush to the restroom though. I think I have had the urge to go but the stool was too hard to pass and since I increased my fiber and my stool softener dosage a bit, I was finally able to go.
So glad you're doing well! The vicodin will tend to constipate, so it's good that you can get by on ibuprofen sometimes. Someone on this thread said recovery is a roller coaster, and so far that's been true for me. But at least we're headed in the right direction. :) Mary
Hey everyone,
I feel good today. I'm glad to hear that most of you are doing better also and recovering nicely. This is day 10 post surgery and I stopped taking my pain meds on day 9. I feel I no longer need them and are virtually pain free and I'm up and around a lot more around the house. I even drove to the corner store (5 blocks away) to pick up a long time craving (chips)! I don't recommend this to everyone but it's virtually traffic free and I miss driving! I don't think I would do it again until I get the ok from the dr after my 2 week checkup. My bum is also still tender when I sit too long or stand too long and so I have to alternate constantly. I'm am still taking the stool softeners just in case but stopped taking the laxatives. I seem to be doing well as far as my bms since I stopped taking the vicodin. I'm still watching what I eat though and trying to eat soft foods as often.
Hang in there and I want to thank you all for the encouraging words.
Hi, Robin... I ******d Tanalbit and it looks like a good thing! I might try it for my gut yeast infection if the Dr doesn't tell me to do something different first. Do you know if there are any harmful effects from it, or drug/vitaminn interactions?

As for the hospital stay - mine was 5 days; had to produce a BM first, that was my ticket home. And I was on morphine for 3 days then codeine for 2, sent home with vicodin which I didn't use (afraid of constipation). I am amazed that some just had a 1-2 day stay. My repair was overlap of the external sphincter, as end-to-end is definitely not the preferred method these days. It usually fails.

Can anyone suggest a very soft mini-pad or pantiliner to use along with the gauze? Some I've used are like cardboard!