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I have had one for many years. I suggest you ask your doctor to prescribe one for your husband rather than purchase one. The ones you see online for sale are often not the same bandwidth or frequency as a prescribed one, therefor they are no where as effective.
Most insurance companies will pay for the rental of such a device up to the full purchase price (which can be up to $1,000) for a quality device. Once the rental price reaches the purchase price the device then becomes your own, it doesn't have to ever be returned.

You can purchase the pads for it online. You do not need to have these prescribed and they are not that expensive. I used to pay about $20 for a dozen, not sure what they cost now but I'm sure they aren't much. Additionally your insurance company may actually pay for them. Mine no longer does since I've had the device forever.

To make patches last longer keep them in the freezer when not in use. You can also gently rinse a patch, unplugged of course, after it has been used and can get a longer life out of the patch itself.

They don't work for everyone nor do they work for every type of pain. It's best to have the doctor prescribe one to try as a "rental" rather than purchase one right out only to find it is ineffective.

Additionally if he suffers from chronic dabiliating (sp) pain it might be in his best interest to seek out a Pain Management Specialist. There are a vast array of medications to control pain which are more effective than codiene. He can also learn coping techniques which go a long way rather than relying on medication. It's important to have a full spectrum regimine when controlling chronic pain.

Long term daily pain needs to be treated with long acting medications such as Morphine, Methadone (usually a last resort) Fentanyl or Oxycontin. There are also several others on the market. He might even suffice with Vicodin or Percocet as it would be stronger than the codiene.

Some individuals find that Lidoderm patches are also equally effective in pain control but they are quite expensive. Ask the doctor if they have samples available. Most pharmacies will not split a 30 package box up and one box can run anywhere from $100 to $150 depending on the pharmacy you visit.

Good luck