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Hey guys, Ive been reading health boards for a bit and trying to find if anyone else had this problem as well. I got kicked in the shin (with pads on) due to sports and incurred a few bruises. After dismissing it, a few days later of work and classes, the bruising entered my foot and began to bloat up and swell. I went to 2 orthopedists, and they said RICE. I went to an acupuncturist, and he did some work on me and made my blood flow to move the bruise up. It helped, but was not dramatic. Ive been taking NSAIDs for over a month because of my knee injury(500mg/day for 30 days) and wisdom teeth(2400mg/day for 7 days), so I was really prone to brusing since my blood was thin. Im not sure if i should keep taking these NSAIDs to relieve swelling because I've read that it may prolong bleeding in bruises. As for the doctors advice, they both prescribed me vicodin for the pain and more NSAIDs for the swelling even though I notified them I've been taking it for a month and a half.

My current condition is my foot being swollen, my shin a little swollen. Walking is a little painful so Ive been on crutches for 5 days already. Swelling has been in effect for 9 days, with pain going away gradually. Im resting ALOT everyday and using my legs to a minimum...anyone else have any advice or experience going through this? Its so frustrating and my life has come to a halt thanks to this...from this past progress, I don't see any healing progress for another week probably until I can walk fine...should I stop the NSAIDs and use heat pads to stimulate my blood?

I'd appreciate any advice.... thanks guys