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Hi everyone, Im new to this forum but not new to pain :( . I have not been offically told by a doctor that I do have FM but I have all the clinical signs of it. I do have IBS and have been living with it for almost half my life now. Ive been threw the not going out to public places unless I knew they had bathrooms and not eating the food I would know would be offensive to me right off.
I am a pharm tech and have been for 21 years, I just quit working becasue I was having a much harder time keeping up with the stress and everyday grind of working. I also had to quite becasue my consintration was getting worst and I didnt want to hurt some one with the wrong drug.

I thought is was a common thing to hurt, I thought everyone did like I did, I didnt relize till talking with a patient that has had FM for 30 years that what I was experancing was not the norm and I should not hurt all the time.

So I went into intensive reading of all the information in the pharmacy having to do with FM and other things that mimic or have the same symtoms. I also talked with many FM patients including my step mom that also had MS. They would tell me what they had experanced and it sounded like they were talking about what I had going on.

I can remember as a young adult that when Id get massaged it would hurt not feel good in some areas, I would get hot spots where the skin would hurt to the touch. These hot spots would not ever be in the same place but different places or they would move over night. People would try to tickle me and it would hurt instead. I would have this unexplanied pain come and go or the burning of the skin which Id ask dr.s about and they would say its nothing or a vitamin problem. They would put me on vitamins and Id still get them.
Now that im 49 and having gone threw quite abit of stress over the years and car accidents(first bad car accident at 17 and the next at 22) when I get a flair it seems to be stronger ever time. And also my IBS is very bad at times with the spasms and pain. Ive had times where morphine didnt help and I was doubled over in pain. But that was when I was in an emmense amount of stress. I also have TMJ from braking my jaw when I was 19.
I do have the lack of consintration and foggy head and forget fullness that drives me crazy. It seems Im able to do less and less physical activity every year, even putting in a garden will make me hurt for days after like ive worked out in a gym for 12 hours.
I hurt in the morning when I get up I can hardly walk for the first hour and it gets better over that hour.
2 years ago I found out I have arthritus in the spine, and its moderate right now but It seems to hurt all the time now to. I know Im going thru Menopause which im sure doesnt help all this eather.
What gets me the pain that I have moves my arm and hand maybe one day or both hands or both arms and one leg. or all the above. My neck always burns and hurts with a dull pain and I get numbness in me fingers from the arthitus in spine and also muscle spasms. I have fallen afew times now that scares me do death, its like my brain for gets to tell my legs to hold me up.
What im not sure of at this point what pain is coming from what anymore.
I get sharp pain going threw different parts of my body that seem to just be random, and the constant burn, when im in a flareup its so much more intense. When we get a change of weather it seems to be worst. I cant stand the cold ( Its hard to explain but the cold seems to go right threw me and makes me ache) The heat of the hot shower seems to releave pain while im in it and I can stand a hotter shower than most anyone I know.
Right now im in a flair ( have been for about a week) I have pain in most of all the places at one time which is a first and wrist are very painful right now.
I take an anti inflamitory for the arthirtus but seems it doesnt touch the other pain at all. I have problems sleeping more so right now than most times. I take amitriptaline everynight for sleep and I find it helps with the IBS I havent had the gut pain since starting to take it, which has been 4 years now. I think the worst thing is I feel worn out all the time,my muscles feel tired and my brain feels tired.
I know I need to go have a dr say it FM but I live in a very small farm community and there arent any real great doctors near by. Plus just having a dr tell me what I already know doesnt seem to help with the thougth of having pain for the rest of my life.
Its nice to have a place to come that other people can understand and know maybe what im talking to, Most people just give me that blank stare cause I look like the picture of health.
I dont want to have to do drugs all the time, they gave me, Soma, Vicodin and naprosin and I couldnt do normal every day things like driving a car or other things I need to do when I had the soma and Vicodin in me, I pretty much was a couch potato.
With all this Im in a new relationship ( engaged) and hes very good about my bad days but my bad days seem to be getting longer and more intense. Im worried about what this will do to the relationship in the long run.

Well im starting to ramble thanks for listening to me and my cry on your shoulder rant. It does make me feel a bit better.


Ps After working in the health care system Dr.s as a whole scare the crap out of me in the additudes about pain managements and how they treat people with FM.