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Hey All!

Wanted to post a brief update. Unfortunately, last week turned out a lot worse than I had expected.

As I last posted, Monday afternoon after my first day of treatment wasn't too bad. Tuesday, however, I got knocked on my proverbial butt. Shortly after my treatment on Tuesday, the Decadron (steroid) must have worn off from Monday. I had never felt such extreme exhaustion. Once I crawled into bed, I didn't get back out for the rest of the week except for bathroom trips and to drag my butt to my Wednesday appointment. At one point, I was so weak that I spent 15 minutes praying for my water glass to levitate over to me because I was too tired to lift my arm to the nightstand 18 inches away (it didn't and I did without). I didn't start to regain my energy until Friday afternoon.

The other thing that was a real problem was the shooting mouth pains from nearly anything that I put in my mouth. It got to the point where I didn't drink enough and probably felt a lot worse due to dehydration. Again, the mouth problems started to subside on Friday, but my first real meal was Saturday afternoon...in the Emergency Room...

I woke up on Friday morning with what I thought was a muscle spasm in my neck. I spent the day nursing it with heating pads and muscle relaxants. Nothing worked, however. Saturday, I woke up and my neck was swollen. After dragging myself to the urgent care clinic, they took one look at my neck and sent me to the ER. After 9 hours of tests (and lots of waiting), they determined that I had developed five blood clots. They almost ripped out my port and admitted me. Once they determined that there was no clotting in my lungs and that my port still worked, however, they started me on blood-thinners (Lovenox self-injection and Coumadin oral) and sent me home with my existing port. The pain from these clots is unbelievable. They say the pain will start to subside in a couple days and that the body will dissolve the clots over the coming weeks/months. The good news of all this is that we caught the clots very early.

Unfortunately, this past week has had a profound effect on my outlook. For starters, the early treatments are supposed to be the easy ones. Seeing how the first cycle affected me so severly has me terrified of the upcoming 11.

Also, being an engineer, I'm having a real problem dealing with the statistics of what has happened. Given the odds of each of the things that HAS happened to me (i.e., less than 1% of population has Ulcerative Colitis, less than 15% of UC patients develop cancer, less than 2% of chemo patients develop blood clots), my 83% chance of survival doesn't look all that great to me anymore. I'm already the loser of 1/33,333 odds. Yeah, I know, there are flaws with my math/logic and you can argue the statistics, but this is what is going through my head. I wish I weren't so darn analytical.

For now, I'm trying to stay in my Vicodin-induced happy place. If I make it out the other end of this ordeal, I'll probably end-up in rehab now that they've taught me everything I need to know about being an addict (first, the wonders of Vicodin...now, the ER taught me how to shoot-up). If only Vicodin worked as well as Dilaudid or morphine...

Thanks to all of you for your support and thanks for letting me vent. I know that my outlook will improve once the pain in my neck (literally) subsides.

-- Steven