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I think you're right...the back pain must be from walking hunched over. I called my doctor because I've had so many surgeries but I never remember feeling this kind of pain in the rest of my body before. They said it's the anesthesia being absorbed into the body, and that they had to use more than usual for me, since for some reason, the normal amounts did't work.

As far as eating...I'm supposed to drink clear liquids only for two days, but I cheated on that and ate oatmeal and toast more than once. :) I haven't had a problem with gurgling in my stomach or anything like that, but I am struggling once again with constipation. lol

They actually told me to double up on the vicoden but I don't want to do that....I'm already a bit loopy! So they said to alternate advil and then the vicodin every 4 hours.

I hope this helps....and I hope you're feeling better soon! :D