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Pursie - are you just working with one doctor or several doctors? The only reason I ask that is because I have read several of your posts and it seems that you are on a lot of medicine. For one - You said you take Morphine - I don't know what for - but did you know that for someone with a hypo-thyroid condition it can be very bad to take any type of pain relievers that contain Opiate based chemicals. Such as morphine or vicodin or Darvocet. It is like when you are hyper-thyroid - you have to avoid medicines that contain stimulants - like cold medicines. Because it can have a negative effect on your system or the way your body reacts to the meds.

So that is why I am wondering if you have like several doctors that are treating multiple symptoms and not knowing what the other is doing? That can really mess you up.

When I read you were taking Morphine - that raised a red flag with me right away -knowing you are hypothyroid - that is not good and what ever doctor has you on those needs to know that you are possibly not reacting well to them. I will bet if you read the dosing requirements of Morphine - or any opiate based pain reliever - it will tell you that "close and additional monitoring needs to take place if Hypothyroid" - or in so many words.

Hang in there - just had noticed that it seems you are on a lot of meds and wondering if you are getting them all from one doctor or multiple docs.