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I am taking Vicodin. I went to an urgent care earlier today. The doctor just ordered an ultrasound, and said that he doesn't know what it is. I don't know what the ultrasound showed, but I must say that the pain was horrible throughout the ultrasound, because of all the pushing. The doctor couldn't believe that both sides hurt. If I hadn't had the surgeon's report with me from teh kidney stone removal and had the scars from the recent gallbladder removal, I don't think this doctor would have believed me. I am really tired of this mess. Hopefully my urologist next week will have some sort of clue as to what is going on. I will have the ultrasound results faxed to them. Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to go and try them!! The doctor didn't give me anything stronger for pain. I really don't feel comfortable taking strong stuff anymore, because I was on Percocet for a long time, but I really hate the effect that the narcotics have on my head. Also, I didn't tell my parents I was going to the doctor, and they are the only ones with money, so I can't afford any prescriptions. I spent over 3 hours at the doctors office, and still no answers. Oh well, something will happen soon.