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My boyfriend is in agony, .Hes been to several dentists and none seem to help. They either say that he needs his wisdom teeth out, or a root canal, and that he needs to go see a specialist for a digital X-ray to see if there is an infection. They cant see it in the regular x-rays. Most dentist say its the wisdom teeth, his symptoms are pain around the right side of the jaw, it also bothers the neck and eye on his right side, he seems to be ok (after taking advil, tylonal, vicodin, anacine or darvocet) when hes standing up but when he goes to lay down it bothers him enough to make him wake up in terrrible pain. Its has been 3 weeks and he has been getting worse we do not know what to do about the sleep or pain. one dentist we had to wait 4+ weeks just to get his wisdom teeth removed. The other one is about 2 weeks. Is there anything we can do for the pain at night so he can get some rest, he works a very physical job and its hard to see him work 10 hours with only 3-4 hours of sleep. Please help

Thank you
3 advil + 1 extra strength tylenol provides about the same amount of relief as vicodin. Take that regularly and see another dentist - soon!