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I've been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitis. I've been taking Vicodin every 6 hrs. for the last 4 days, still cannot move my arm/shoulder, and am in a great deal of pain. Does it really take months to get over this? I am in good physical condition, exercise regularly, etc., and did not injure myself. Doctor says they don't know what causes it, but I am going nuts; can't do anything with my right arm, and there is so much pain, the drugs hardly touch it. I'd like to hear from someone who has had a similar experience.
Thanks for your input. I've now been to a physical therapist who said the inflammation has to go down before he can help me much. (going back in 2 weeks) Gave me some stretching exercises to do. I'm taking ibuprophen 4x a day and Vicodin as well for the pain. It has definitely gotten better -- at least pain does not bring me to tears! In addition, I'm icing it a few times a day as well. Massage really helped. She was able to get some good movement in my shoulder/arm. Interestingly, she said this often runs in families and it may be some kind of acid or whatever that is produced that affects the adhesive coating around the shoulder joint, which causes it to "freeze". In any case, she stressed, don't baby it, but keep it moving constantly, trying to stretch it just to the point of pain. Seems to help.
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