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Well I have been in chronic pain dealing with toothaches since this past December! Every single month I have had atleast 2 toothaches. I have had 2 failed root canals by 2 different dentists (on 2 teeth). On June 13th I had my 6 remaining top teeth extracted because of toothaches and had a top denture made. Well now my 6 remaining bottom teeth are ALL giving me toothaches too UGH!! Why is this all happening to me??? I am soooooo depressed that I think that I’m having a mental breakdown. Every day since December, all I do is cry! I used to get 1 toothache a year, but now it’s 20 toothaches within 6 months, what’s going on??? My dentist did some kind of test on my teeth, and he says that the nerves in my teeth are all dead, how can that happen, when my teeth don’t look that bad?? I go and see my dentist next Tuesday, July 3rd so I am going to tell him that I want ALL of my remaining 6 teeth extracted, and than get a bottom denture made after my gums are fully healed. And than I will NEVER EVER have to go thru another toothache as long as I live, Thank God!! I have been on vicodin off and on now for about 6 months (prescription from my dentist) so now I will have another thing to worry about after I get my remaining teeth extracted (going thru horrible withdrawals) UGH!!! I never had any major cavities so I don’t understand why all of my teeth are giving me toothaches, do you think it’s because I have some major infection going on like in my jawbone that has been spreading from one tooth to the next since December?
I just can’t wait until the day that I wake up and be pain free and drug free.