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My toes looked very far apart at the beginning, too. They have certainly relaxed long before now (about 16 weeks out). Did you have an osteotomy? If so, then your big toe probably is a bit shorter than the others. Mine is about a half inch shorter than the big toe on the opposite (still-bunioned) foot. It is a bit Fred Flintstoney but I'd rather have stubby looking toes (which to me is almost cute) in comparision to hideous bunioned, crooked feet and toes. Also, I measured my foot at the shoe store and the "new" foot is a whole half size smaller than other un-operated foot. But, that just means I hold off on buying too many new shoes until next year when she does the other and makes them match. I look forward to that!

Also, the vicodin certainly does constipate. They suggested I buy some sort of stool softener to keep things functioning properly. It was a big help for me.
Vicodin made me so constipated I ended up eating most of a container of prunes...but it controlled my pain, so I suppose it was worth it. I don't think my pain level was as high as yours however.

Eat your prunes and drink lots of water. :)