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Hi, I have been on Vicodin since December because of Toothaches (You can read my post on the Dental Board).
Well It has been 4 days now (97 hours) since I took the vicodin, how long will the withdrawals last??
I took only 1 pill a day, and than I eventually went down to 1/2 a pill a day.
Will my withdrawals get worse? Or will they start to get better as each day goes by?
I just feel soooooooo sick (nausea) and I am sooooooooo anxious all the time.
Hello Kim

Physically, you are going to start feeling better everyday now. By day five, a real corner is usually turned with the nasuea and flu like feelings. It is good you were only taking one pill and then went to 1/2 before coming off. That is a low dose and while you will have physical woithdrawal because of the length of time you were on Vicodin, it should be relatively easy on you. Not non-existent by any means, but easy in comparison to those who have taken much higher doses.

The anxiety is rotten and will last longer. This has to do with the length of time you were on the painkillers. The anxiety is actually what will cause your brain to start restoring itself and producing more of its own natural painkilling chemicals and feel good chemicals. When we can understand this as something that is natural and actually a needed part of the process of coming off narcotics, it can be so helpful to us! The brain is striving to regain its balance and start doing the job that the narcotic took over from it. Like a power struggle. Chuckles.

To help our brains in its fight to restore itself totally, there are many things we can do. Number one is physical activity. Walking, running, biking, singing out loud, cleaning, hanging laundry.... all these things will cause production of the natural chemicals you are low on right now and will distract from the anxiety greatly. Balance will be restored and you will feel fine.

It is a good idea to read the first thread on this board.. "Sample Home Detox." The vitamins and supplements listed help all in detoxing and many are actually good for life in general.

You are going to be okay, Kim, and the symptoms will pass. Give a shout if any further questions or concerns come up. Hope all your dental work is over and you are feeling good with the mouth issues. Smiles.