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I had all mine taken out. The top two were easy the other two were quite impacted. Plus one of mine was a little infected (I was also avoiding getting them out). I had the nitrous oxide and they gave me a mild intravenous sedative. I would DEFINITELY recommend it! I was really scared too. The nitrous oxide was a bit freaky but within a minute I was out and it didn't matter anymore;). Really weird but at one point I could hear what was going on but didn't feel anything. After I was given Vicodin for pain. The first day or 2 wasn't bad but then I got dry socket!!!!!!!!! It was excruciating! It doesn't happen to everyone....guess I was just one of those lucky ones :rolleyes:. If it needs to be done just do it. The pain will pass. Better to get it over with. If you have any more questions just ask. Good luck!