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First, let me say I'm new here, and I'm so glad to have found this board. I have read many of the other posts already, and I do plan on calling my doctor tomorrow. I guess I'm more interested in finding out what specific things I'm currently doing that I should not do.

I've had problems with hemorrhoids for about 13 years or so. I know I didn't drink enough water or eat enough fiber - my stools were only occasionally hard, but I rarely had more than 2-3 bowel movements per week. I had rubber band ligation about 8 years ago, but they came back. Like an idiot, I kept putting off doing something about it - I figured, they weren't causing me much discomfort, I can push them back in after a BM and get on with my day, no big deal. The plan was to take care of them next year. Unfortunately, they had other plans.

BMs became painful and occasionally bloody about 2 months ago (possible anal fissure?); actually I should say more frequently bloody than before. I would still have a bit of burning pain after pushing the hemorrhoids back in. The pain rarely went away by the time I had another BM. Then, a few weeks ago, I had enough pain after a BM that I couldn't sleep, and called in sick to work the next day, although the pain had decreased a fair bit by then.

I went to see the guy who did my RBL last time, and he recommended surgery, which he doesn't do. Unfortunately, he wanted the hemorrhoids out in order to make a diagnosis, so he gave me an enema. After I got home, I pushed them in again. This time, it was much more difficult than usual. Even worse, the pain was excruciating afterward. I was literally rolling around on my bed screaming for the next 5 hours, until I had another BM. I decided not to push them in again. They also continued to bleed for many days.

I went to see a surgeon a few days later, recommended to me by a nurse friend who said he was really good. He said my situation was really bad, too severe for RBL, with some tissue already going necrotic. He prescribed some Anusol suppositories and bed rest for the next two weeks, and scheduled me for surgery.

Surgery (last Tuesday) went well (the doctor said he removed five with a harmonic scalpel but there were "a few" left he wanted to wait at least three months to treat, possibly by RBL), but the anesthesia made me nauseated, so it took a few hours and some anti-nausea medication for me to get out of recovery. I became nauseated again by the time I got home, and the pain medication he prescribed me (Darvocet, since I mentioned Vicodin makes me nauseated) seemed to be making me nauseated for at least part of every day. So I went off the meds. Since I got home, my parents have been taking care of me. I've been drinking prune juice, two glasses per day, as well as water, and eating mostly stuff like oatmeal and vegetable soup, also some rice, bread, and (what I now learned from here was a mistake) fruit - mostly apples and peaches, like 2 per day. I've also been spending a lot of time in the bathtub. I've avoided sitting (other than on the toilet) since this whole thing started. I thought, if not for the nausea, recovery would be easy. But that's only because I hadn't had a BM yet.

About two days after getting home, I had my first BM. Man it was rough. Despite drinking prune juice, and this tea my mom gave me that has laxative properties, the first few pieces of stool were pretty dry and very difficult to pass. After I passed them, everything else came out easily - first, soft, bulky stool, then very watery stool. I felt really sore afterwards, and I'm afraid the dry stool caused at least one of the remaining hemorrhoids to flare up. Also, since then urinating has become a bit more difficult. I can get it out, but it takes longer as the stream is weak and keeps stopping before I'm done.

The soreness and pain has gradually lessened, but I can't seem to avoid the feeling that I'm not passing everything. Stool is either watery or soft but narrow, and usually requires a bit of straining to get out (which is scaring me). BMs are small, and I have about four per day, with lots of "false alarms" (not really, just it won't come out). Today has been the worst in that regard; I've had three or four BMs today, each time passing a little less (all soft and narrow), and now I haven't been able to pass anything for hours even though it feels like there's something there. I'm trying not to strain too much, but I've strained enough that things are getting irritated down there. I'm paranoid that it might be impacted, although I've had that "incomplete BM" feeling pretty much since the first BM two days ago. There's also pain from gas build-up, which is somewhat difficult and sometimes painful to pass.

My dad is getting me Metamucil tomorrow. I'll increase my water intake, although I swear every time I'm done I can feel and hear the water sloshing around inside me. What else should I do, and what of the things I mentioned above should I avoid (besides the apples)? Also, is there anything wrong with lying/sleeping on my front, versus on my back or side? Anything wrong with using Preparation-H or hydrocortisone cream? How about an enema or glycerin suppository?

Sorry about the very long post. I didn't want to overlook anything upon which I could/should be advised.