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'm doing okay. I had a pretty rough evening. We ended up going to
the ER around 7:45 and got home pretty late. The dr told me that I
*may* bleed which is normal but if it were more than a period or if I
was soaking through more than 1 pad an hour, to go to the ER.

I started vomitting Sunday morning around 4:00am and didn't feel well
all day. Monday, I nearly vomitted at 9 and started to bleed around
10:00am . Too many people commented on my pale complexion so I knew
something was wrong. Around 3, the bleeding got really heavy and
when I went to change, I had the largest clots come out that I've ever
seen - about the size of small plums. I broke down in the bathroom and
luckily, one of my employees came in after I did so she was helping me
calm down. At the time, I had no idea what that was and all I could
think of was that I was losing big parts of my cervix :(. I waited
another hour to see if my pain and bleeding would ease up and then
called the doctor at 4. No one called me back and I came home around
4:45. I was still clotting really bad and, of course, bleeding
through a pad an hour. Each time I'd change, more large clots. I was
also trying to get a hold of my friend who is my nurse midwife (we were TTC when all of this displaysia happened). At 5:45, I called the emergency
line at the doctor's office and they said that should go to the ER. I waited for 2 more hours to see if it subsided but it never did.

Off to the ER we went. Dr found 3 more very VERY large clots - bigger
than I had discovered. So much that they had to pull them out before
they could make sure my cervix was okay. In the end, they said that I
wasn't hemorrhaging which is why they wanted me to come in in the
first place. But they had never seen such big clots before and that
was probably a big cause of the massive bleeding. She said that I was
"oozing" pretty good but it was ok. They gave me a Vicodin (sp?) to
ease my cramping and sent me home.

I had 2 more clotting episodes when I got home but did really well
overnight. Still swollen, fatigued and cramping but the worst seems
to have subsided. Hopefully that will stay the same today.

SIDE NOTE: 2 different doctor's last night said that my LEEP was a
"good size". I'm mad about that b/c neither one of the doctor's made
it seem that 2cm wide and 1cm deep was that big of a deal. But when 2
ER docs comment on it - it makes me concerned with TTC and all
afterwards I heal. They were really surprised to see ANY clotting
because of it too. They were going to give me an injection to stop the
bleeding but because it was such a large area, they said that it
wouldn't do any good :(.