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Right now, I am extremely ticked off at my OB.

Let's see if I can explain the situation. I haven't been to see the same doctor in the office a single time since my first visit. Recently, the office added a new doctor (We'll call him Dr. B.) to their staff. He's very nice, yes, very personable... and as far as I can tell, a completely incompetent dumbass.

I wound up in the hospital for three days on the 17th because I had a REALLY bad headache and high blood pressure. They said that I had mild preeclampsia. Okay, I understand that. They then proceeded to tell me that the headache would never completely dissipate. Okay, I can deal with that. During the time I was in the hospital they did a 24-Hour urine monitor, more blood work than I'd care to count and scheduled me for an induction. They also scheduled me for two nonstress tests and two ultrasounds (1 because of the bloodpressure? And the other to check the size of the baby.).

I had an OB appointment two days after the first NST. The first NST went off without a hitch (okay, so, Dr. B sent me to the WRONG DAMN AREA in the hospital, but... we'll ignore that, for now.), so I figure things are going to go smooth. I get over to the OB... not only does the doctor not know that I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia, but they've lost all of my labs (including the glucose test results that they had in over a month ago?) and have no record of me having been in the hospital any time in the past six months. I've been in the hospital five times due to asthma, pneumonia and finally the bloodpressure and headaches. The doctor I'm seeing this day, Dr. M, is very worried by this, asks a lot of questions, answers the ones I have and gets some stuff done. She tells me that, no, the headache should NOT stay and prescribes Vicodin. Says to call back in an hour and a half if I still have the headache. I go fill the Vicodin, take some and an hour and a half later, the Vicodin has managed to do only one thing: make me have severe issues with projectile vomit. Everywhere. And how. Oh, god, it was nasty and painful. So, I call the doctor and she says to go into the hospital, that they want to go ahead and induce since I'm so far along anyway.

I pack my bag, grab my husband and we go to the hospital. Who's the attending physician that night? None other than Dr. B. Who takes a look, shakes his head, and promptly sends me home saying that I shouldn't have been there in the first place. He prescribes ambien and phenergan (ambien for sleep, phenergan for the nausea.). Okay. Whatever. I'm ticked off, as is, because the hospital's quite a ways away and nobody can seem to agree on anything, but whatever.

Go back in the next day for my baby size ultrasound. The hospital has no record of me being scheduled. Anywhere. At all. For anything over the next month. After calling around (and taking two and a half hours to do so, making my husband an hour and a half late for work), they find out that, yes, I was supposed to be there. Dr. B. just didn't bother putting in the paperwork for any of it. At all.

I got back over to the OB office on Friday for my second OB appointment that week due to the bloodpressure, to find out they had scheduled me for two MORE NSTs and a SECOND induction. What the heck? And to top it off, when they scheduled the second induction (the day right after the first. HAH), they had managed to overbook the hospital.

Am I the only one feeling slightly nervous about this whole thing?