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Have you looked into the symptoms of "Endometriosis"? For years I also have had chronic (everyday) back pain. I haven't had any surgeries but have had 4 children (all natural). But in Jan/Feb of this year I started having a pain in my left hip and my lower back area. It was faint at first but then was constant. No matter if I sat or lay down. It gets worse a few days before my period. I also have pain with sex (before, during & after). My periods have become REALLY DARK...so, I went to the doctor and she said it was probably a pulled muscle. I told her that it felt "deep". That it didn't feel like a pulled muscle to me. Who hasn't had a pulled muscle before? Plus I told her I hadn't fallen or injured myself? She said to come back in a week or two if it didn't go away...IT DIDN'T :-0 I have been back several times since then and because of people here and everywhere on the net. I have been able to educate myself about my own symptoms...well, I finally, after about 3-4 months and suggesting to my family medicine if they could check for endometriosis (some women go years without a diagnosis) I was referred to an ob/gyn...Since then, I have been on Vicodin (everyday) for pain and have encountered a painful sigmoidoscopy (another story) which came back fine...I will FINALLY go in for laparoscopy surgery on Sept. 24th, 2007 to confirm diagnosis :-) Laparoscopy is the only way to confirm endometriosis. Don't know why... Maybe you should push for other diagnosis or see an ob/gyn?...hope this helps...take care, I.