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Boy, what a great post.
I am an elementary school substitute teacher and I am 51 yrs. old You didnt mention your age, but I am assuming it might be in your 50s because of the retirement comment.
When I work, which is only about 2x per week because for every day I work, it takes me 2 days to recuperate from being on my feet all day. When I get home, I IMMEDIATELY get in the hot tub because I am usually in terrible pain because I cannot take ANYTHING when I teach, because I cannot function and if I take even Advil my stomach rips apart. Then after the hot tub, I sit on my massage chair, then I go up and put a TON of SOMBRA on my weary body. Then, I take the liberty of either drugging myself up with some Valium or a Vicodin to get thru the night. Then to be able to sleep, I have to take Lunesta. When I am not working, I am spending alot of my day trying to make myself feel better with my exercises, heat, SOMBRA, massage chair.....on and on. This is only job I can do where I can pick and choose the days I work. I have been doing it for a long long time and frankly am starting to not enjoy it much anymore because it makes me in so much pain. To top it off, I have chronic sinusitis, which means when ever a kid is coughing in the class (which is always in Colorado), I catch their cold, which 100% of the time turns into a secondary bacterial infection in my sinuses and I am out of commission for a week or 2, as far as working. So, my fondest fantasy would be to not have to work and at least it would minimize my pain in life. I totally hear what you are saying. I totally empathize with you. And I totally understand about watching everything you do so as not to make things even worse. Last weekend I went to a wedding and fast danced. I havent been the same since. I am much worse. I cannot even believe that dancing could cause such a thing. I only have one word to sayL OY!!!!!!!!!!!