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Hey mamaws11, welcome to the Boards!!! I can give you an idea of what it was like in my point of view. I also had a podiatrist and gave me Vicodin prescription before I had my surgery. I had a Lapidus procedure 7/23/07 for my severe bunions. They did fusion on the middle of the 1st metatarsal. (2 screws are placed there) My surgery was done in a surgery center. I had general anestesia. (I asked the doc before if I was going to be awake for this and he said no) Before the surgery, I was asked by a nurse if I was allergic to anything and if I ever had general. She asked if I made sure if I did not eat after 10 pm the night before. ( I guess it's bad to have food in your system before surgery) I have no clue! I told them I wasn't allergic to anything and it was my 1st time having general so I was a little nervous. My temperature/heart rate was checked.....I remember going in the surgery room and there were big lights and the anestisologist asked me what college I am going to and after I answered him that's all I remembered. LOL! I was brought to the waiting room and I woke up pretty fast. I did not have a headache or anything but it differs from person to person. I was not put in a cast, I had a lot of heavy bandages and I was put in a big boot. It's called Royce Medical Air Equalizer Hi Top Walking Boot. I also had to use crutches for 6+ weeks...nonweight bearing for 4+ weeks....Umms, my foot was numb for more than one day (they put some type of pain med too before/during surgery) and on the 3rd day my foot was in so much pain for the whole day! I remember the nurse telling me to take the pain meds every 4 hours or so because the pain can kick in. And in the 3rd day it did kick in. After the 3rd day, my pain has never been that bad. I am just waiting on for the bones to fuse and I have my appt. 9/18 I'll give you an update on my x-rays. Well, that's my experience!!! Good luck!!! For me the surgery was not bad at all, but the post-op recovery is not fun because you have to be really patient... I felt deprived from walking.. Now, I'm starting to bear more weight and trying to walk normal again. =)
I know your surgery is coming up, just wanted to add my two cents. I had a Lapidus bunionectomy (midfoot fusion) on June 20 and am 12 weeks post-op.
I was in so much pain and misery from my bunion for 20 days before surgery that I wanted to have that surgery or die. Surprisingly, after the surgery, the bunion pain was gone but there was the surgical pain for two days which felt like an elephant is sitting on your foot and the foot throbs against the bandage wrappings. The first day of surgery, there is pain (I took two vicodin every 4 hours) and the second day was worse with more throbbing than the day before. The third day it got better. Then in my case, I got some contact dermatitis under the bandages which I didn't know what was happening so I was back on the pain meds. This probably won't happen to you, I just seem to have sensitive skin. I had a cast put on a week after the bandages came off, then two weeks after surgery, they remove the stitches and put another cast on, then three weeks after surgery, they remove the cast to check your foot, then put on another cast for three more weeks. If you haven't prepared your house yet, you should probably do so. I had a wheelchair, crutches, and a walker. Be aware that the first week you will be medicated and it will be easy to fall with a clunky bandage on your foot. I tried the crutches before surgery and thought, hey this is easy, but after surgery, I lost my balance twice and put my foot down, it was scary. Get a refrigerator or ice chest near the bed, you will be icing very frequently. Get a hand held shower head and a shower chair. I got one of those grab bars to pick up things on the floor you can't reach. I brushed my teeth in bed, sounds silly, but the foot will throb if you stand up. Put all your meds, comb, mirror, brush, lotion, by the bedside. The surgery itself is not the hard part. You go in, you are asleep, you wake up, and then they say good-bye to you. It is then up to you to deal with the pain and recovery at home by yourself. I told my husband that I was so sick of making decisions, I had to decide when to take the pain meds, when to do this, when to do that, etc., and I never knew for sure if I was doing the right things. My doctor said I did a good job though, but the praise was far and few between. Dealing with discomfort on a 24/7 basis for the first three weeks was exhausting for me (because I had contact dermatitis under the cast), but the last three weeks were ok. After the cast comes off, they give you a walking boot and you can start walking. What the doctors don't tell you is the psychological impact of this surgery. I'm a type A person and tend to judge myself by the things I can do. I could not do much of anything in a cast because my foot was uncomfortable if I moved too much. It really sapped my spirit. After I started to walk again, recovery was very slow and frustrated me because I wanted to do everything just like before surgery but I couldn't. So, don't be too hard on yourself and take things slow. My family helped me a lot which was strange because I always was the one to take care of them. Anyway, good luck to you on your surgery, you will do fine. It's no fun, but you will be able to walk pain free and wear most shoes in the end.
i went to the dr. yesterday and he said my bones are healing but when he took off the tape holding the incision together is started opening up,he said it did not look good the incision is not healing,i need to watch out for an infection so he wraped it up and put me in a boot(i begged him not to put on a cast)shame on me when i got home my little dachshund jumped right on top of my foot i hope she did not crack the bone because it hurt so bad.it feels better today as i am still on vicodin.