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It's so hard to earn our trust back once we spill out our guts about our addiction, huh?

My sister-in-law came to visit us. My wife was having an infection in her tooth, and called the dentist. The sister-in-law says, "Don't get any vicodin." Then she looks at me. I replied, "Yes, I'm an addict and can't be trusted."

It wasn't the best response, but it was "off-the-cuff." I know addiction very well, and she doesn't (how could she, she's never been there!) Sure, she knows the clinical definition of addiction, but she will never know what it is like to "be" and addict.

Someday, we will earn our trust from our family members... I guess it takes time. I have been in the HELL of this monster, and I know where your thoughts are coming from. You are not alone.

Your friend in addiction,