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last year i had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled and it was so painful (even after 12 novacaine shots) that anytime i see a dentist, dentist office or hear a drill...i literally have flashbacks, that is how tramatic it was..anyways
my wisdom tooth in the right lower jaw is completly rotted out..there is no enamel on the top..only a black/brown part that is level with my gums
i am in so much horrible pain!!!!!!!!!! it is throbbing, my whole lower jaw/cheek is swollen and i am so afraid to go get it removed...my doctor refused to give me any painkillers, telling me to take tylenol (those don't even work for my headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0 TYLENOL i was crying in severe pain and he would not even give me some vicodin until i can get it removed...
why are doctors like that, everyone i have been too...backpain, etc.. "just take tylenol" "take some aleve, you don't need vicodin" i thought the role of doctors was to ensure that patients do not suffer....i think uncontrollable crying because of pain is suffering

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