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I wanted to write about one of your statements about subaxone. Where u said that once on sub., and if u start feeling w/d's, u can't take anything bcuz of it blocking the receptors. Well that is true.....but, when on sub., you don't have any w/d's. Your supposed to start taking the sub., a certain amount of hours (like 72 i believe) after stopping whatever you were on before. So you are in w/d so that the med. actually works. But, once u start the sub., you don't have any w/d's anymore. It completely takes them away. And, you have no cravings. Which is a lifesaver as far as i'm concerned.
I understand completely that it is replacing one for another. But, with sub., it's not like u can take MORE and feel MORE high like other opiates. Like with vicodin or percs, people start out taking 2 a day...then up to 5 a day, then up and up and up. With sub., u stay on whatever doseage you doctor sees fit for the long run. You CAN"T take more and feel high.
And the good thing about sub., is that even if u were craving somehow, if u are to take a vic. or perc., you get absolutely NO high from it.
So for some, like my father who has chrnoic pain and has addiction issues bcuz he is always in pain and is also an addict, i found it to be a lifesaver for him. It was either him constantly relapsing bcuz he just wanted to get out of pain and taking WAY more than prescribed.....or finding sub. to work with his pain and taking his prescribed doseage every day. And not having the cravings to take anything else.
I watched my Dad suffer for 30 years......getting sober, staying sober for years, and then having severe bouts of pain that would put him in serious depressions and ultimately lead him to pain pills. He'd spoken of suicide before, just so he could get a break from pain. And i know how he feels (me having the same pain he has now and suffering on a daily basis).....
Now i am tapering off the sub. currently bcuz i want to have children....but i personally would have stayed on it for however long i thought necessary. Bcuz it really did keep my pain at bay and i wasn't spending days dreaming about how i could get some pain meds. and craving to the point of feeling paralyzed with depression.
So.....sub. is wonderful for some people. It really gives them a chance to live a normal life and yes, there will be a point of tapering...but if they do it slowly, under doc.s care, then it shouldn't be half as bad as the other opiates