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It has been my experience that "tapering" is the better way to go. I tapered off of vicodin in the past and I never really had any withdrawals to speak of. This time though I went cold turkey off the methdadone. Not the way I would suggest for the future. I think you have done well by tapering already, included with the vitamin supplements and exercise I would say you are well on your way and should have an easier time of it. I went to the store this weekend (had a rough night on day 8 ) picked up a "total body cleanse" and I am feeling much better. It helps the toxins to leave your body much faster. I finally slept all night!Since A*m*b*i*e*n works so well for you I would say that is an added plus. I would have had a much easier time of it if I could have slept through the first 2-3 nights of withdrawals. So good for you. Let me know how it works for you and keep me posted how your doing :) I am think'n positive thoughts for you. I am sure you will do great. You seem determined and have a good mind set!