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Hey Clover.....

I'm normally not around to read and post, but today is a lazy day for me at home and I'm in front of my computer.

First of all, are they doing your surgery laparascopically? Mine was and the pain was fairly intense for the first 48 hours. Nothing you can't handle. My biggest problem was getting in and out of the bed and I'd wished they'd have hung a trapeze so I could use my upper body strength to manuever in and out. Soooo....that said, ask for one of those.

Secondly, I didn't have an epidural in place, but rather what they called a nerve block....two small catheters that delivered medicine. I also had the PCA pump of morphine, which is metered. I'd really only push that button when I tried getting out of the bed.

I had my surgery on a Monday and was off the pump and the nerve block catheters (they leaked!) by late Wednesday evening, and put on oral pain meds. By then, I was up and walking as much as possible. I made the mistake of only asking for the Percocet when necessary. The smart thing to do is ask for it every 4-6 hours to stay ahead of the pain. I went home with some Vicodin, but didn't take much. Was off all narcotic pain meds within 2 weeks.

I was out in public the day after I came home from the hospital! I had absolutely no groceries in the house, so had my daughter take me shopping. I hung onto the buggy and did just fine.

Seriously, if you can talk the staff into it, ask for a trapeze. Dummy me didn't and it sure would have made positioning myself to get in and out of the bed sooooooo much easier.

You'll do fine....honestly!!

Best of luck,