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If it helps, I am now 5 weeks post ankle surgery and my foot is just as swollen as it was 1 week after.

Seeing my surgeon yesterday he said that once it starts moving more, the fluid which is making is swelling will go down. I was just given clearance to start PWB yesterday and must admit, putting pressure down on my foot feels like its going to explode at the beginning of each step, but once down feels ok.

I know what you mean about the cast claustrophobia .. I had that with the splint after surgery and admit I didn't make it past 4 days ... I took it off. I also found that taking the Vicodin they gave me made me more anxious .. my husband noticed that about 45 mins after taking Vicodin my heart would race, I would break into a sweat and I had to even take the bandages off as the feeling of being confined was freaking me out.

Please let me know what they say about your concern about being in the cast. My biggest fear is that I might need a second surgery where they would take bone from my knee and put it in my ankle which would require a full length cast for starters followed by one for my ankle. Not sure I would be able to do it.

But back to your initial question .. it is completely normal to still be swollen just 10 days after surgery. As the others have said, expect it to be for month.

Feel better!