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What is this with these sites? Sure fibro will not kill you, but when you cannot exercise, can barely walk, have a hard time getting out of bed even when you are popping every pill in the world that is supposed to help you, and that is a good day, everything else will kill you. I was finally diagnosed about 5 years ago after a battery of tests. Just to let you know how bad I get, I have had one good day out of 2 months. I have the creepy skin, insomnia, every point is sore, I take vicodin, darvocet (at the same time), 3 muscle relaxers a day, and so on. I have tried every natural remedy. I have tried exercising, meditation, massage, every different med around and I get very little relief. So, of course, I do some more research to see what will help and the first thing that jumps out at me is this is not a life threatening disease. Well, I disagree. I have gained 60 lbs. taking meds, I cannot think, and I can barely walk; if that doesn't hurt your heart and vital organs, I do not know what does. And, what about the meds, great for the kidneys heh doc. So, I look at another site and guess what? I says flares are temporary. Well, I have had a temporary flare for the past 5 years. When will these people wake up and stop making these stupid statements. Keep a good attitude. Right. That person does not have severe fibro. And, family, they are the worse. No comprehension on what is going on. They are only concerned about what mom can do for them. I think that people with severe fibro should run these sites. Not doctors who do not know what it is like to be in pain day after day. It wears on you. Sure it doesn't kill you directly, but it drains every bit of life out of you. It is a slow, progressive, death of a persons sole. So, read on doc. I hope this will open your eyes.:mad: