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Hi All

I am new here. I am a 40 year old women that is trying to find some help and answers to my problems.

My condition started the end of September. Severe pain, tenderness and slight swelling of salivary gland in neck which would radiate to my entire neck, jaw, ear, shoulders and head causing extreme headaches. I went to my regular dr who said it was a sinus infection and prescribed zithromax. Still not feeling better I went to an ENT specialist who put me on zithromax again and sent me for a CAT scan with contrast. The test showed nothing.

I went to 2 dentists who both ruled out my teeth and TMJ. I went back to the ENT dr and he scoped me in his office and said he found nothing and put me on vicodin for the pain. The vicodin really doesnt help much at all. I hate taking medication where I cannot drive so I would only take it at night before bedtime.

I found a new family dr who told me to stop taking the vicodin and to start to take naprosyn and he sent me for a siaolgram and did a complete blood workup. The sialogram came back ok, meaning everything was ok in my gland but my blood work showed a high SED rate of 42.

The naprosyn sometimes helps a bit but never takes the pain and stiffness away that is in my neck, shoulders and head.

I am also having a hard time sleeping, some night not at all, I am exhausted most of the time and can barely function on some days.

My mom and older sister also have high SED rates and were diagnosed with firbo and rheumothoid arthritis.

My family dr is leaning toward rheumothoid arthritis but I am wondering if these painful episodes that come and go but can last up to 24 hours can be fibro?

Sorry for the lenghtly post.

I appreciate any and all suggestions and comments.