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I'm new to this Board, so bear with me...
This is the only G.I. issue I have, but it's driving me NUTS:dizzy:!
I was around 8 yrs old when I was first Diagnosed w/ this disorder, and 30+- yrs later, pancreatitis has now come back w/ a vengeance...
I have, in the last 6 mos., been hospitalized 4X, missed almost 2 mos. work, and after quitting drinking, not eating fats, praying to the thing high atop the whatever, am still trying to find answers to what is triggering my attacks. My doctor just prescribed Vicodin to alleviate pain so I can go to work and not lose my benefits. I have been taking Viokase for about 3 mos. now, and it seems to lessen the frequency of attack/pain, but I HAVE TO WORK!
If there's anyone out there who is going thru the same issues, I could use some advice.
Thanx in advance...
Hey, Sam I Am,
Yup, It gave a rageing case of acute pancreatitis.
I was in the hospital for 8 days that time.
Since I last posted, I've seen my G.I. Doc; If I have another acute case, he will have to refer me to a different hospital in Colorado, namely University Hospital.
He's prescribed Vicodin:dizzy: , which seems to help with the pain, although like you, I'm really leery of being on opiates for an indefinite period of time. If the pills will help me get to work, though, I guess I'll have to do it.
I'm still avoiding fats and booze, and with the med. support, I've managed to make it to work every day this week (a 1st in a few months).
BTW, No mention of the sphincter of Oddi, although I'm pretty sure my Doc is referring me to University if I need stents implanted. My pancreatic duct was too narrowed in at least 3 places for him to fully visualize the entire duct with an ERCP...
I'm also taking Viokase, which has helped immensely, but not 100%.