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Hmmm.... Am I the only one that is wondering what Michelle had done cosmetically? *wink* Just messing with ya.

Beachgal is using Vicodine...not sure if I ever spell it correctly, but that's what I was given also. I was given Valium as well, but BG hasn't mentioned that anywhere.

Beachgal, read the side of your vicodine bottle. Mine says not to take tylenol with it because it has tylenol in it and you can take too much. I wasn't allowed Tylenol until I stopped taking the prescription stuff. I could take Ibuprofen though. I don't know if all vicodine is the same or if mine is a mixture of some sort. I don't have it at work to look at.

I think most of us found this board because we felt that the Dr didn't give us enough info to prepare for surgery. Mine would not fill the prescription before surgery, not even the day before. His staff offered to fax me my post-care sheet after I complained, but I don't own a fax machine and I didn't want that to come across the company fax..so here I am.

Glad you are still doing well after lunch, Beachgal. I wasn't told of any numbing shot, but who knows what all happens when you are in surgery.

dont waste your time worring about the actuall surgery.it was a breeze. the worst part was getting the iv in ,and the cold surgery room. im staying on the pain pills (vicodin) . Just to make sure it doesnt start hurting.i still feel good
just slightly uncomfortable. im not sure when my local anesthetic will fade away but i hope im on the the same track as beachgirl. i really feel like our preperation will make this surgery much much better. thanks again to the friends here that paved the road for us.

be back soon
im at 6 hours post surgery
Hi, all. Froggers - I hope you like your new job way more than the other one. I, too, believe that everything happens for a reason!! Good luck!

Michelle - please consider taking an immodium to tighten up your bms. And please heed my advice on washing carefully with water after each visit to the bathroom! My burning has lessened ALOT - it is now easily bearable. Another problem was that I let the pain get ahead of my meds. Now, every five hours, I take either a narcotic pain killer or tylenol. If I'm not hurting or hurting only a little, I take the tylenol. I've been happily surprised at how effective the tylenol keeps the pain at bay - I am scared to death of constipation, so I'd rather take 3 tylenol than one vicodin!