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Hey guys,

Thanks for the advice to change docs when my old one was cutting my dose down so much, and I was suffering. I saw my new one yesterday, and he said he would not restrict my refills the way the other one had, and that he trusted me to use my Vicodin responsibly and apoligized for the other doctor who he described as being 'paranoid'.
He also agreed that it's a shame that so many of us have to jump through all these hoops and be treated like criminals when we're only trying to cope and manage our pain. He said that the big concern of alot of Doctors now is that the meds are being 'diverted' and sold for cash. I reassured him that I would never do that, and I hide my meds from my teenage son even though I can't imagine he would ever do anything like that either.
I did feel like the Doctor was 'evaluating' my manner and behavior, and apparently I passed his test because he said I can call in a refill whenever I needed one, with no restrictions, and he would have no problem filling them unless he saw my use accelerating drastically. What a relief!!!
I know there must be alot of you out there who are dealing with the same kinds of problems, just hang in there. It is frustrating and difficult, but just as long as you keep moving forward and stay positive, you can still find docs out there who will prescribe pain meds, unfortuantely I think its about 1 in 10...good luck!

Thanks again for listening and being here for me,