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i was on vicodin, then switched to kadian, then to fentanyl and back to kadian, no problems on vicodin and fentanyl but big problems on the kadian. I usually go several times a day, so to skip 3 or 4 makes me very uncomfortable. i have tried colace and pericolace, and had to even resort to fleets..which pretty much made me explode...i felt like my body was turning inside out! And my bottom wasn't such a mess since immediately after childbirth if you know what I mean. The colace doesn't seem to do anything, and the pericolace gives me such bad cramps that i can't move! It will take me three days of agony to empty my colon..and then my body is so sore from it, not to mention how painful my back is from all that pain, strain, and sitting. I guess I'll have to try the miralax (?). Also, does anyone know, if I need to see a doc about this (I probably should) do I use my regular insurance or the worker's compensation stuff? I have ended up skipping doses of the kadian to try to keep myself regular but then i'm hurting and just immobile so that isn't good either. I guess I'll ask my PM doc if I can go back on the fentanyl patch to see if i tolerate that better as far as constipation..it didn't help my pain as much as the kadian, but this is getting ridiculous..i feel like i'm totally preoccupied by my elimination patterns.