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Thank you you guys! Michelle-I will be waiting to read your post after surgery today. Thank goodness for this forum, and all of you! Thank you Frogs for responding so quickly!
I have another question if you don't mind. I have been taking Citrucel twice a day, and also Colace twice per day, PLUS eating lots of high fiber food, and I am STILL very constipated, last bm had to push and strain like crazy. I know this is NOT good for after the surgery. I am on Vicodin right now too, for pain of my hem prior to surgery tomorrow.
Any suggestions how to make it so I can have a normal bm? Should I increase the Colace OR the Citrucel? I have to write that all the water with the Citrucel makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It makes me feel like an ocean and FULL and just "yucky."
Please if anyone has the answers to this, PLEASE share. Thank you so so much!