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Brocallie - I think you are getting the wrong message! It isn't that we are trying to 'save' our meds. We are heeding the warnings of those of you who have traveled this journey before us and we are trying to avoid the dreaded constipation that everyone says happens when you use them. I was given 20 vicodin after surgery. I just counted them - I have 17 left! That isn't because I didn't hurt - it means I am scared to death of them! As much as I hurt for three long days, the thought of constipation was terrifying enough to stick with Advil and Tylenol.
Hi, all! Michelle - I have taken only Tylenol PM at night and Tylenol during the day for the past few days. I am scared of those damned Vicodin - especially reading how tough Eittod is doing. I noticed real early in this recovery that Tylenol helped with my pain almost as well as the Vicodin - especially when I also took Advil for swelling. My surgeon told us in recovery that for the first week, I could take Advil with the Tylenol - which surprised my sister so much she questioned him about it (she had always been told to never mix the two!). He said that normally, he would never suggest it, but since this is such a special situation where pain killers cause constipation, he advises his patients to try the combo. I must say it worked well - I was given 20 pain pills and I still have 17!

Glad the poop is shaping up (hahaha!!). Yeah, I'm with you on the 'oooouuuucccchhhh' - but try to get satisfaction from the knowledge that you are singlehandedly conquering the Stool Challenge!! (uh - singlehandedly works even though if you look really hard, you will see all of us - kind of like those cell phone commercials with the network crowds!!)