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Hi everyone, I've been really busy and apologize for not posting when I said I would. Some recent questions might be answered toward the end of "Sphincteroplasty Part 4" --- as I recall, several of us posted our "histories" there. I'm 8 moths post op and doing pretty well. Just learned I still have a "pocket" just inside the anus, though; that's the reason for some moist leaking after BM and even tiny bits of stool passing when least expected. But it's not full-on incontinence as before surgery. I'll probably go back to the surgeon when I come up for air and if bowel issues become a priority and start to rule my life again!

Yes, Susan, healing takes quite a long time. Leaking after a BM seems to be the norm in recovery (even without the "pocket"). My surgery-related leaking lasted about 4 months I think. It wasn't much but I did wear a mini-pad. The cotton/gauze bugged me because I had some irritation from an external yeast infection so I didn't use them often.

Don't get constipated! If you think you're susceptible to it, use Miralax or a stool softener. Increased fiber constipated me and it was horrible. For others fiber was a blessing. It's hard to find the right balance. MKD, is Tronalane cream an Rx? And do you apply it externally?

There is still a tender spot at the perineum and intercourse is sometimes painful. I wish I could give more hope. Someone earlier mentioned olive oil, and I like K-Y Silk-E. Messy but far more comfortable. There definitely was a decrease in sensation for several months after surgery as the nerves and muscles "re-learned". And of course, fear of pain makes you tense up. Elizabeth and others, there is never TMI on this board!!! LOL if you can.

Lisa, you have done your homework and I think you saw another surgeon yesterday. Any news? I remember others talking about having more babies after surgery and perhaps you read those posts too.

Jessica, your surgery is coming up - did you get the answers you were seeking? MKD and others had some good info. I was in the hospital 5 days. Took Vicodin as needed for a week or so after (with stool softeners - those meds are constipating!). But DO take advantage of the morphine or other pain meds in the hospital!!! Be sure you don't lie on your back too much at first, turn over carefully, and don't sit directly on your bottom. It will take several months for you to heal completely, so go slow, take lots of warm baths, and get help at home for a month or so. You might not need it, but it's best to be prepared. You say you're just having the sphincteroplasty, but I'll bet there will be a perineum repair also as part of that, with some external stitches. Ask your Dr.

Mindy, glad to see you're still here... I know you have been through parts 1-2-3-4-5 and now 6... were you glad you waited 'till your boys were in school to have the surgery?

OK, this was long, and I'll probably not post for a while... lots of life stuff going on, and going on with life now that my surgery is ancient history. I wish you all the best, and please keep in touch with each other for support and hugs and prayers and whatever works. I know this board has been a blessing for me so keep it going!

Hello everyone,

I really appreciate the honesty and support that this site provides! Not feeling alone is a blessing. My girls are 8 and 3. I had 4th degree tears with both births. My youngest even broke her collarbone on the way out; she wanted both shoulders out at the same time and tore us both up in the process.

I just had a sphincteroplasty performed on 4/28/08 so I'm about 11 days post-op. I'm doing better and better everyday. I had surgery on a Monday and was released on the following Friday. In the hospital, I enjoyed the demoral, movable bed, and nurses' help in the bathroom. I stopped taking the Vicodin 3days ago, because I don't like them and they constipate me (which is the last thing I want). The doctor said I'm doing great keeping the area clean and dry, but my wound opened up a little bit causing slightly uncomfortable drainage.

Some tips that I've discovered either on this site or on my own follow:
[*]Get a competent and experienced doctor. My original doctor didn't seem confident about the procedure so I sought a different one. Luckily, my good friend's husband is an anesthesiologist and recommended a doctor who he had actually seen do the procedure before.
[*]FIBER, FIBER, FIBER! I mix a high-fiber cereal like Organic Flax plus pumpkin raisin crunch (yummy!) with Brad Buds (which has over 12 grams per THIRD cup).
[*]My first week of going to the bathroom, I didn't even sit on the toilet seat because the seat would stretch my cheeks (& sutures) too much. So I would actully hover over the toilet seat (using hand/arm support) and pee and poo semi-standing. It was so much less painful (& gave my quads a great workout :)).
[*]I asked for 2 peri-bottles from the hospital and would get in the shower after a BM and clean myself with the peri-bottles. I tried the shower head when I first got home and I thought the pressure was a little too much. The peri-bottles work great.
[*]Fluffing the guaze pads between my cheeks has worked wonderfully for the uncomfortable drainage.
[*]Be horizontal as much as possible. When I sit, I sit on my leg or on a memory foam pillow.
[*]Take it easy--REALLY! My primary job for these 2 weeks postop is to be horizontal as much as possible and keep the site clean and dry.
[*]I had my hubby buy a raised toilet seat from Walgreens so my target was closer for the hovering and, now that I can sit, don't have to sit as far down.
[*]Use a mirror to check yourself. Sometimes I didn't know if I was done with a BM or if I was having drainage. It's not as scary as you think, especially because you're getting better with each passing day.
[*]Remind your kids to take it easy on you. And my girls have turned out to be the best little nurses/doctors. They like making sure I have fresh water by my bed in the morning and giving me my Tylenol pills.
[*]CELEBRATE the small milestones (e.g., sitting for your first meal, walking semi-upright most the time, scaling pain meds down, being able to walk up stairs). Everyday, my eight-year-old surprisingly comments on how FAST I'm walking lately (Now that it doesn't take me 15 minutes to get up and to the next room; it's all relative, right?).

Take care and keep those tips coming!
To answer your question about high fiber... When I finally sought help for my fecal incontinence that started a little over a year and a half ago, a gastro doctor recommended high fiber in January 2008. So I've had a few months pre-op to play around with what worked. I find the the more pasty stools were so much harder to vacate so it was like having a BM all day long (as described on earlier posts from other "survivors"). So when I upped my fiber and water intake (which sometimes caused a lot of uncontrollable gas--not fun!), my stools became bigger and easier to push out, pinch off, and/or hold in. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to increase fiber for better control, but it's really worked for me. My colo-rectal surgeon who performed the operation 13 days ago recommended the following:
[*]SUNDAY: clear liquid fast the day before surgery
[*]SUNDAY NIGHT: full bowel prep starting at 5pm (where I litrally camped on the toilet with books and computer for 4 hours)
[*]MONDAY: fast day of surgery (which was performed at about 2pm)
[*]Post-op through TUES NOON: only ice chips for 24 hours after the surgery because I was nauseous post-op and they didn't want me vomiting
[*]TUES night through THURSDAY am: clear liquids
[*]THURSDAY lunch: high fiber meals
[*]FRIDAY noon: released from hospital; continue high fiber

In the hospital I was getting demoral IV shots about every 4 hours for pain and 3-5 antibiotic IV bags per day to prevent infection. The antibiotic made my stools really watery which didn't allow me to make it to the toilet sometimes, but I was thankful that my BM weren't painful because I was just dreading that! I even wore big ugly diapers (with velcro like Huggies) in the hospital the last few days in the hospital, because I could ensure not messing the floor. But control was better than it had been in over a year and a half--even with the really black watery stools. I was nervous and excited at the same time to eat solids again. Once I got home I resumed eating my high-fiber cereal in the morning with fruits and veggies accompanying lunch and dinner. Except for last Tuesday, my stools have been a good consistency ever since without pain (mostly semi-standing hovering over the toilet to avoid pressure on my cheeks). That Tuesday was awful because I was straining (and trying not to at the same time) to vacate little pellets, then rinse off in the shower, then start over again--doubled over cramping because I felt like there was always something left in me. My mom had me drink prune juice and a cup of coffee (which I never drink). That helped empty me out in the afternoon after cramping in the bathroom all morning long. That's when I stopped taking Vicodin because I think that added to the constipation. So now I'm having pretty good luck with my normal regimen of high-fiber food and drinking plenty of water.

On Thursday, I saw my doc for a follow-up appt and he told me I had a small wound open up, but that it was to be expected. I left the house with my family for several hours yeasterday (which was the most sitting and walking I've done since surgery). Today I feel sliced and raw. So I'm trying to take it easy. AARGH!

The pain is much less. The first 9 days felt like a 2-inch deep canker sore with lemon on it. Pain meds would "dilute the lemon" but the canker was still there. On the 10th day, the stinging canker was gone and I just felt a lot of pressure.

How is everyone else doing out there?
in sisterhood,
Hmm...No, I've never heard of the bubbles in the urethra. Any news from your GYN?

On my end, I guess I've been doing too much, because I'm really sore as of yesterday. I even had to take Aleve today for the pain. I'm avoiding the Vicodin for fear of constipation. I'm nervous about a full day of work Monday teaching at 8am and meetings all afternoon across town. I'm thinking I may have to bail out on some of the afternoon obligations. Geez!!! Hate this. Haven't helped around the house at all and I'm falling behind in my work.

Okay...I'm going to relax, take some deep breaths, and read a bit.

take care,