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Hey, OMG when I saw your post I felt so bad for you, I have the same thing as you do, endometriosis, also I have adhesions on my bowels and bladder. I have taken narcotics for it ever since my diagnosis about a year after my daughter was born. I am shocked by a doctor who would suggest pain caused by this could be psychosematic, ugh!! that makes me so mad:mad:

I have tried all the other meds and procedures they reccommend for this kind of pain including the epidural block, it did nothing. They have pretty much figured out that with all the injections medications and surgeries, that my condition has just continued to get worse instead of better. I wish I had researched Lupron more before I took that, the side effects were horrible!

I had to go along the the pain management clinic with all of the physical therapy, and other wastes of time and money. At least during that time I was being prescribed codiene to help with the pain. Now I have a new doc that prescribes me as much Vicodin as I need, and trusts me to use it responsibly. It's been a long road, but so worth it, hang in there and try and find a new doc, even if you have to see dozens before you find a good one, it will make your life a thousand times easier ( and more comfortable ).

It looks like there are quite a few of us dealing with this condition, and the fact that it makes most of us infertile is another cruel part of the disease that we have to deal with beside the intense pain and menstral problems. I feel lucky that I have two kids, and I didn't start having symptoms until I was thirty.

Having a hysterectomy is one choice that I'm facing now, and from what I know after so many years with this disease ( going on seven) really the only thing that can put an end to this suffering for us. Personally, I'm scared about the effects that surgery will have on me as far as needing HRT, and I fear not feeling like a woman anymore, not being able to enjoy sex, things like that. It's just so final, and it's still possible I could still have more children with fertility treatments. The doctors also say that if you can get pregnant, it will help and even sometimes make the endo much better, something to do with the hormomes your body produces.

Anyway, sorry this is so long, I hope any of it can be helpful to you, and I wish you the best of luck finding a good doctor who understands what you're going through.:wave: