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Hello there,
Methadone is methadone, if it was different it wouldnt be methadone it would be another medication. There are different milligrams of it yes, Though I am not a doctor but once they alter the makup of any medication then it becomes another medication all together... Also I had been on pain medications for over 5 years an tried Methadone to get off the opioids but I was severly allergic to it. I am now on Suboxone an whoopie its working great.
Also I am not sure what you would be taking it for since it can be used for either opioid withdrawals or its actually a very good long acting pain medication used instead of the shorter acting ones like Vicodin or Percocet. Methadone will last up to 12 hours for pain relief other than 4-6 hours like those two others. My fiance is on Methadone for her severe back pain and she swears its better than just the ol' 6 -10/650mg Vicodin she was on per day before...if your looking into using it for pain management then go for it...its great but if its for opioid withdrawals then I would go with Suboxone/Buprenophine instead. Again this is just my opinion though I do hope this helped.:angel:
I think what you mean is different manufacturers, yes?

If that's the case, I know of only two. I actually saw my PM doctor yesterday and just started Methadone, and after MONTHS of not seeing the difference between brand and generic, I made sure to come out of the appointment with prescriptions for brand names. However, when it comes to Methadone, it really is just Methadone. Unlike Hydrocodone, which can be filled as Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, Xodol, etc., and almost all other medications, Methadone is just plain lold Methadone. I think this is probably because it wasn't really used for anything other than rehab until the last several years.

All this being said, there are two different pharmaceutical companies that I know of that manufacture Methadone: Mallinckrodt and Roxanne. There may be others, I'm not sure. Mallinckrodt markets the Methadone under the name Methadose, and Roxanne under just Methadone. I made SURE yesterday though to find the Roxanne brand. Although there is no real brand name, SO many people on this board, and just from my experience, have many issues with Mallinckrodt products, so Roxanne was a no brainer for me.

Hope my answer helped, and I'm not sure if I included all information about Methadone, it may be produced in different varieties, but this is all I know of, and I think these are the two most prevalent versions of Methadone.

Feel good, and I hope if Methadone is your drug of choice, it ends up working out for you.