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Hi Deb,
I'm sorry you're still in so much pain. At least he took the time to read through what you wrote. That was so smart, to keep that diary. I wonder why he thinks Percocet is unacceptable. Would he say the same thing about Vicodin? I think I'd rather stay on Vicodin indefinitely (which is what I'm doing) than have the spinal cord stimulator. That's more surgery, which I really, really don't want. Four spine surgeries is enough!

Nerve stuff takes such a long time to heal. After 7 months, I would say you still have room for hope. After my first hardware removal, they nicked a nerve and I had a numb patch on my back for about two years. It gradually became less and less numb, but it took a long time. I had resigned myself to living with it and was thankful it was just numb and not painful.

I hope you're able to get everything done. I start everything way early. Things I used to be able to punch out in a day now take me as long as a week. I have to stop and lay down all the time. I must have overdone it at some point in the last week, as I've been in a lot more pain these past four days. I can barely walk by afternoon. It's very distressing. I can't remember doing anything, except that I was out five evenings in a row, but not doing anything strenuous (having dinner at a friend's house, going to a special event at church, etc.), and I made sure I laid down on a heating pad during the afternoon each day. I don't know what I did. I see my PM again tomorrow. We'll see what he says.

Whatever doesn't get done, well, it just doesn't get done. Maybe people will understand how bad it is for you when everything just can't get done. It's okay! The holidays aren't about rushing around and getting things done.

Take care,
Emily :wave:
Deb -- thought I'd chime in here. It's tough not knowing from one day to the next whether you're going to be put down by the pain. --and then having to worry you will "pay" for it the next day if you are too active. I hope those casseroles are delicious and you don't suffer for having made them.

In other news, my jerky pain doc threw up his hands a few weeks ago and told me I should get the spinal cord stimulator for my intractable pain and to see another pain doc if I wanted opiates because he thinks vicodin makes people "unmotivated". Well, I gave this guy what for! I did watch the SCS stimulator videos, did some research on it here on the boards and decided I wasn't ready to do that because I wanted to know why I was in pain before having another procedure (and a transister implanted in my tushie!)

I saw my surgeon, got a CT scan and saw a new pain doc. I got prescribed a combo of meds that appears to be working for nerve pain and spasms(Flexeril, Neurontin, Cymbalta). I still don't know exactly why the pain returned in spades after a fusion, but the meds are helping and I hope to tolerate them.

So don't give up hope, sister, and I hope the sympathetic nerve blocks get approved quickly and that they help.

Happy merry,