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Thank for all the replies, especially this morning, Since I am having an god awful morning. Took the oxy before even getting out of bed, once I was up & moving I could feel the pain just going up, up, up, so took a percocet. After reading your resposes I understand better how the oxy works. Scrappin, thanks the info. was extremely helpful.
Marcia, My doctor does not normally prescribe these types of meds, Listening to him talk I honestly believe he just does not feel comfortable prescribing them. I am still really surprised he has gone this far for me. I know he realizes that I am in some major pain & that is the only reason he has done so. He has gone through back surgery & pain himself & I think that has made him more understanding. I have an MRI this evening & an appointment with him monday morning I have no choice but to let him know I am not getting a whole lot of relief, he knows I have an appointment at the end of the month with a specialist so he is probably just trying to get me through.

As far as the generics go, that has me furious! Having to suffer & being given meds that do not live up to what they are suppose to do. Then you get these pharmacists looking at you like you have a problem, give me a break. They have to know all about how these generics are. Now I am stuck with going through a month with meds that do not do their job. I am on
*endocet 10-325 mg (percocet) mfr: Endo Pharm
*oxycodone 20 mg ER (oxycontin 20 mg cr) mfr: Teva Pharm
Any opinions on these particulair generics?
I am sure these pharmacists know & I wonder if they carry more then one generic brand? If i have to continue on these meds I am switching to a pharmacy that carries the better brands, once I find out what they are (ha).
I am done messing around, I will just go in & ask the next pharmacy & let them know If I have to take this type of meds I want something that works. Heck who wants to suffer? If they do not understand that I don't want to be in pain then they are not getting my business. There is a smaller pharmacy I have used for my daughter, it is just a pharmacy not a retail store, they seemed really nice & informative so maybe I will look into going there. I have been thinking about switching anyway, every since I have had to take all these meds, I swear I get an attitude from acouple of the pharmacists at Target. At first I thought it was my imagination but I caught two of them talking about me after picking up a script, was not hard to figure out that it was me they were dicussing. There is one pharmacist there who is really nice & helpful, I never picked up a script for vicodin after my doc decided to change my meds, she told my husband that is rare, people hardly ever refuse narcotics, but she is the only one who will go out of her way to talk to you.
The freaking nerve of these pharmacists, especially when they are filling scripts with generics that don't work as they are suppose to.
My sister has had to be on medication along time(bless her), she has rhuem. arthritis from head to toe & is almost crippled & she swears that the generics don't work for her, she refuses to take them, she has said why take something that does not work. So know I have to find out what are the better generics for these meds. Here goes another thread (ha).
Thanks again, don't know what I would without you all! Sammy