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Sage, I am so sorry you are suffering. I have to tell you back in the summer when this problem really became an issue I had to swicth primary's three times. Back then I did not even know about doc. shopping or narcotics or anything else. All I knew was there was something majorly wrong & getting worse & the docs. were just not doing a darn thing. I kept ending up in ER with my vitals skyrocketing, one of these doc. sent me right from her office because she thought I was having a heart attack, even when she seen what the pain could do to me she lectured me about being on vicodin & drug her feet about any tests. I was at my wits end & just about to give up when my sister in law said it was all ridiculous that these docs. would allow this all to happen & leave me to suffer. That was my third visit into ER & never did I ask for any meds, just asked what the heck was happening to me. Well I did end up with a doc. who told me pain will send all your vitals off & we need to find out why this is happening, he was the third doc. that summer. When he started me on narcotics other then vicodin I was not happy but thank god.
I am still seeing a Rehab. doc & still looking for the cause of all this (app. friday with specialist) he kept me on percocet & made it clear he did not like prescribing narcotics of this sort, percocet was no longer working more a couple hrs if at all, so he put me on oxycontin 20 mg with one perc. allowed per day for breakthrough & once again told me I was the only patient he has on this. I am still having some god awful pain at times & had to tell him that monday, so we are trying trigger point injections. I made it clear to him I appreciated all he is doing & if I had my way I would not take any of it & can't wait till I am off. I go in to docs scared they will take me off these med, I can't imagine not having them, I am in pain with them without I would never make it. My point after all this is why would any doc. want to see you suffer? I just come right out & tell my doc, I just can't take this pain & he can see that. I have reached my number of cortisone injections I believe trying other methods with injections while seeking out specialist, anyone willing to go through all these injections which to me are pretty darn painful has to be in some major pain. I hope your doc. gives you some help here managing your pain, after all it is their job. Please let us know & sorry so long, I do not regret having to change docs. no matter how many times. Sammy